The UK government has published draft regulations for tobacco and nicotine inhaling products for life after Brexit.


The Tobacco Products and Nicotine Inhaling Products Regulations 2018 or TPNIP,  will come into force on ‘exit day,’ which has been planned for March 29.

One of the suggested changes which could come into play after March next year involves the packaging on cigarette boxes.

Rather than the EU standard ‘smoking kills’ appearing alongside graphic images of what cigarette smoking can do to the body, there is a batch of new colour images expected to take over. These have been used to date in Australia.

The remainder of the draft legislation replaces references to the EU and EEA with the UK, however there is no references to the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

There is clarification of the term ‘retailer’. The new regulations class a retailer of tobacco goods as,

 “a person who sells, or offers or agrees to sell, a tobacco product or related product to a consumer.”

More to follow. You can read the draft document in full here. 


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