Our right to vape faces growing challenges throughout the world and it can be difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on or know how you can do your part.

Fortunately, the vaping community is home to plenty of advocates who use their platforms to spread awareness of the issues that face us.

Here’s a few that we think you should be regularly checking in with to stay up-to-date.

1. Matt from SMM

Formerly known as Suck My Mod, Matt from SMM is one of YouTube’s veteran US reviewers but in recent years he has been pushing harder for advocacy using the platform he has built.

Aside from talking about how the average consumer can have their voice heard, Matt also provides fantastic insight for those working in the industry, particularly with his live show, where in recent weeks he has talked with Vapor Technology Association (VTA) board treasurer, Chris Howard and Fig Ramsey of Vape Tithing.

It’s fair to say that Matt focuses primarily on the challenges faced in the US and since this is the largest single market for vaping in the world, these video are mandatory viewing for any industry member who trades there.

2. Legion Vapes

Legion Vapes is known for his matter-of-fact reviews but he has been putting more time into advocacy as of late.

His weekly show, “Eye On Vaping” takes complex issues and hot topics and summarises them into a more digestible format. This is great if you want to keep up-to-date with all of the latest developments but do not have time for long-form content such as live shows.

Legion Vapes is an interesting voice in advocacy in that he offers constructive criticism, with suggestions for sensible regulations.

3. Grimm Green

There’s no way we could talk about prominent advocates without mentioning Nick “Grimm” Green.

Nick is perhaps the longest-serving vape advocate and to this day makes a consistent effort to involve as many people in the conversation as possible. His weekly live vlog on a Thursday is a great way to keep updated on industry news as well as initiatives for consumers to participate in.

Nick has also attended public hearings in recent times and raised awareness for advocacy by participating in conversations about vaping with mainstream news features.

4. El Mono Vapeador

If you’re a Spanish speaking vaper, you’ll almost certainly have heard of El Mono Vapeador. But in the English speaking world, he’s not widely known, which is surprising considering he has over 429,000 subscribers on YouTube.

El Mono Vapeador frequently discusses industry practices in his reviews and opens the door for conversations about how we can promote vaping in an ethical, honest fashion.

Despite being such a prominent public figure, El Mono Vapeador is not afraid to speak honestly about his thoughts on industry developments, making his content an important resource for any vaper looking to stay informed.

5. Vaping With Vic

Last but by no means least is Scottish reviewer and advocate Vic Mullin, AKA Vaping With Vic.

Vic’s weekly “Watts Up” show, posted every Sunday, consistently covers the industry’s latest news and advocacy developments. It’s fair to say that Vic’s style is slightly more outspoken than some other public figures but this passion comes as a bi-product of his desire to preserve our right to vape.

Understandably, Vic has more of a focus on UK and EU advocacy than other big names, so you may see topics discussed on his channel that aren’t covered elsewhere.

Header image by Donn Gabriel Baleva on Unsplash