US bill limits pods to 20mg

A US congressman has introduced a bill that would limit e-cigarette pods to 20mg of nicotine Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi (Illinois) introduced the bill on Monday. [...]

New York flavour ban goes into effect

The New York flavour ban proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo is now in effect after state officials voted to carry out the executive action Vapers [...]

Warnings on cigarettes curb use, study says

Researchers find that printing “smoking kills” on cigarettes could “prolong the health message” Researchers at the University of Stirling asked 120 smokers aged 16+ to [...]

Michigan to ban flavoured e-liquids

Michigan has become the first US state to ban flavoured e-liquids in an effort protect youth from using the products. Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) said [...]

High End Vaping Digest Vol III

It’s been a while since the last High End Vaping Digest but with a new wave of products being released by some fan -avourite modders, [...]