British street magician and illusionist Julius Dein features in a new campaign by the FDA to discourage teenagers from vaping. 

The magician, who has almost 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, features in the FDA’s ‘The Real Cost’ campaign.

Airing on American TV channels, the campaign is aimed at youngsters who vape.

This is the first time the FDA has used a British magician to publicise a campaign.

Correlating vaping with smoking

In the ad, Dein says, that ‘some people think that vaping is no big deal, but that is just an illusion.’

He then approaches a group of teenagers and asks which of them vape.

When one teen raises his hand, Dein follows with: “How come you don’t smoke cigarettes?”

He then uses his impressive illusionist skills to turn what looks like a standard JUUL device into a cigarette.

When the trick is over, Dein tells the group that vaping ‘can lead to trying cigarettes.’

The advert closes with: “Teens who vape are more likely to start smoking cigarettes.”

No evidence that vaping causes smoking

A Cardiff University study found that vaping doesn’t re-normalise smoking among young people.

The study concluded that concerns about vaping leading to smoking were largely unfounded.

But the FDA continues to associate vaping with a heightened risk of taking up smoking.

The Real Cost campaign even likens ‘vaping harms’ to those of tobacco.

Public Health England stand by an evidence review stating e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer than combustible cigarettes.

America at odds with UK

The FDA and American authorities are reluctant to follow Public Health England’s example and support vaping for harm-reduction.

In the meantime, the fear-mongering adverts are airing on ESPN and MTV, among other stations.

The FDA is also distributing posters for schools to display in bathrooms.

One such poster crassly declares that “it’s a lot easier to wipe your butt than your lungs.”

Source: The Cut

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