Fans of the late US rapper Mac Miller have unearthed an alternate Instagram account, and it’s dedicated entirely to vape tricks.

Eagle-eyed observers noted that all the content was uploaded in the summer of 2017, coinciding with Miller’s European tour that year.

Miller’s sudden death of a drug overdose in September left the music world reeling and inspired heartfelt tributes from around the world. His premature death had fans and music historians combing every corner of the internet for any undiscovered or underexposed work.

The comedic channel, which goes by the name of cloudywithachanceofawesome69, parodies many tropes of the online vaping community, though in a good-natured manner. Miller playfully demonstrated tricks under the alter ego ‘Lars.’

Lars’ uniquely amusing antics consist of vaping e-liquid and spewing coffee simultaneously, shaping his clouds with a hair dryer as part of a morning beauty routine, and blowing cherry tomatoes out of his nose with vapour.

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