Three big stories you might have missed over the weekend

Unreasonable Claims

A recent study claiming e-cigarettes increase the risk of heart attack “ignored crucial information on timing,” a new report claims.

The study published by the Journal of the American Heart Associations claimed that vapers were twice as likely to report heart attacks compared with subjects who had never smoked or vaped.

Bradn Rodu, a tobacco researcher at the University of Louisville, said most of the e-cigarette users who reported heart attacks had had them before they started vaping, making any causal inference impossible.

In a July 11 letter to the journal’s editors, Rodu stated that the authors of the study:

“[F]ailed to account for detailed information in that survey on (a) when participants were first told that they had a heart attack and (b) when participants first started using e-cigarettes.”

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BAT Subsidiary Drops NRT Product

R.J Reynolds, British American Tobacco subsidiary and producers of the Vuse vape device has seemingly withdrawn from the Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) market in the US.

Their Zonnic nicotine gum has been removed from US retailers, though it can still be found in the EU.

The Zonnic website states:

“We are no longer selling these products, but we urge you to continue your stop smoking journey using other smoking cessation products.”

American Vaping Association president, Gregory Conely, said that Zonnic appeared to have had limited retail success.

“The fact is that regardless of who markets it, nicotine gum as it is produced today is neither pleasurable nor palatable for all but a tiny minority of smokers.

“It almost certainly did not help matters that American adult smokers remain dangerously misinformed about the risks of smoke-free nicotine products, which makes them less likely to use even medicinal nicotine products when quitting smoking”

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NZ Vapers Fear Nicotine Crackdown

Vape industry insiders in New Zealand are concerned that the government may adopt regulations limiting the nicotine strength of e-liquids.

Vaping is not currently regulated in New Zealand but the government intends to change this later this year with the Smokefree Environments Act.

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union said:

“The Government would certainly benefit from regulations on the strength of vaping liquid. By making vaping less attractive than cigarettes, it will continue to receive strong excise tax revenue streams from current smokers.

“However, a crackdown on vape liquids would be terrible for the wallets and health of current smokers, many of whom are on low incomes. This would deny smokers an opportunity to deliver themselves tax cuts and relative health benefits by switching to vaping. In practice, this often starts with a higher-strength liquid to match the sensation of a cigarette.”

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