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WHO says e-cigarettes, ‘smoke-free’ products do not help reduce cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO) has told smokers and governments not to trust claims from tobacco companies about their latest products.

Programme manager of WHO’s tobacco control unit, Vinayak Prasad, said the development of new products was solely intended to expand the markets of tobacco firms.

Prasad said that e-cigarettes are a “gateway for young people” and even condoned banning the products altogether, saying:

“If you are banning it, fine, but if you aren’t banning it don’t let it (go) free in the market, because the young people are taking it up.”

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Vaping Post hits back at Juul congressional hearing

Last week the Congressional oversight committee oversaw a two-day hearing about the rising youth use of e-cigarettes in the US which has been branded an “epidemic” by opponents of the industry.

The Vaping Post has been quick to note the questionable nature of the hearing, with unbalanced testimony and a focus on anti-vaping views.

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New regulations in Malaysia

Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, Health Minister for Malaysia said that new laws to curb the use of vapes, e-cigarettes and shisha are in the works.

“There will be more enforcement efforts to curb its accessibility, especially to students and those below 18. There will be follow up statements from the task force from time to time on its effectiveness”

New regulation has been anticipated in Malaysia for some time now and opinion is divided among policy-makers.

Malaysia is one of few Asian countries to have seen a dramatic growth of a domestic vaping industry, with market leaders such as Nasty Juice becoming a global success.

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